Lunge Dance Collective is a blossoming young dance collective that promotes collaboration between artists of many different mediums. Founded by Billy Bell, in March of 2010, the goal was to expose young artists to each other, in hopes of creating a stronger network for them to aid one another and start their budding careers. What resulted was so much more when Lunge became not only an artistic escape for the dancers, but also a family and a group of artists who truly value the love for art, and each other. Originating with 19 artists: 1 choreographer, 1 lighting designer, 1 photographer, and 16 dancers, Lunge has now expanded across North America and has had the privilege to cross paths with over 60 artists, including 3 choreographers, 3 lighting designers, 6 photographers, 2 film directors, 1 partnering dance company, and over 45 dancers, each of whom create the Collective. They've performed in Florida, New York, Colorado, Nevada, California, London (ON), and Texas. Dance Spirit Magazine calls Lunge a “unique and eye-popping talent”. Having over 60 members and only being in existence for the past 3 years, Lunge has been awarded the Rudolph A. Frank Prize for the Emerging Arts, done multiple residencies including DanceNYC Silo, and Michigan State University, and collaborated with Westside Dance Project, NMRKT.com, and Bryn Cohn and Artists. Lunge continues to be one of the most promising emerging contemporary dance companies in the U.S., as its audience and list of collaborating artists grows and expands. With innovative ideas and mass opportunity, Lunge Dance Collective believes that anything is possible and strives to create boundary pushing art that is both marketable and unique.

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Project15: Growth

Subject: Reese and Marcell Owens
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Project52 Time: 72hrs

Lunge Performances Are Available Online!

Exciting news! Now you can rent or buy "You'll Never Be Alone" online! Missed the show? No problem! Now you can have it on your computer, tablet, or mobile device! You can access the videos through our Repertoire page on LungeDance.com. Enjoy the show!

Buy "You'll Never Be Alone" Now!

Lunge Dance Store Launches!

Lunge Dance Collective now offers clothes, drinkwear, bags, and more wit Cafepress.com! Make sure you visit our store and pick up some new gear! This is your chance to be a true Lunger with our new LungeWear. There is something for everyone, even Lunge Dance Snuggies... yes, SNUGGIES! Check it out and leave us some feedback on what you like, and what you'd like to see more of! Happy shopping!